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Time & Attendance Tracking Improves Workplace Security

Time & Attendance Tracking Improves Workplace Security

We live in a world where risk keeps on increasing. To improve the security in your workplace the foremost need is to ensure safety by restricting access to workplace. As an employee you form the integral part of your organization’s security solution and have the responsibility to protect, information, data, and facilities. There are numerous ways in which businesses can restrict access to their buildings. Preventing unauthorised access to your building is essential from a security point of view. Failing to secure your business premise properly can result in theft, anti-social behaviour and accidents.

Businesses that use time and attendance management systems will enhance workplace security and allow employees to enter their punch at the terminal for access. Today this technology is being adopted by both large and small companies. It no longer remains a dream or available only to the government, now every organisation use biometric technology to track time and attendance for both increased accuracy and increased security. Employee identification technique ensures the right employees are entering restricted areas, as well as, reducing the chance of employees becoming time thieves.

By installing Time and Attendance tracking software you can find data about who accessed your facility, what time they came in, and how long they stayed. Time and attendance system will give businesses a virtual window to monitor & track the workplace environment. This user friendly application eliminates human errors and helps businesses to safely and easily oversee log data. In addition, Hidden expenses like buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping which indirectly affects the organisation productivity can be arrested.


  • Prevent unauthorized personnel entry
  • Restrict employee access to certain locations
  • Awareness of late arrivals and early departures to notify the supervisor
  • Adding and removing employee access to secure areas is quite easy
  • Web based Monitoring and Control
  • Centralize attendance data generated from different locations

Access control module of time and attendance tracking system will allow you to track and monitor entry into secure locations every second. To get more details about this employee time attendance management system you can contact us


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