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How Timecheck Attendance Management Software Makes HR Life Easier

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How Timecheck Attendance Management Software Makes HR Life Easier

Companies are spending more revenues on employer’s salary. In most of the industries the labour costs are valuable than other expenses of the organization. Every second is valuable for productivity. So, it is vital to track the employee attendance for increasing productivity and efficiency. There are many difficulties in tracking employee attendance for various departments. It’s hard for HR to maintain attendance records of the employee because it consumes more time for entering the data manually.

Time check software makes HR life easier by streamlining the attendance records of the employee. It automatically tracks the total worked hours, break duration and log in, log off time of employees. If an employee missed out the punches, employee can send discrepancy email to HR, approval authorities to add the required punches or delete the unwanted punches manually. The individual attendance reports will be generated and it can be viewed by both employees and HR. This automated process saves lot of time and reduces the work burden of HR.

Attendance Management Software has several features which will ease the work of the HR. Some of the features are listed below.

Accurate Time Keeping: Time and Attendance Software accurately tracks attendance of the employee and working hours, eliminates manual errors and reducing the time required to manage employee time data.

Leave and Permission Management:  Web based employee attendance management software allows employees to apply leave or permission in advance and the HR/manager can approve or reject leaves based on the rules and regulations. This software is useful for the HR team to find the type of leave such as sick or casual and the number of leaves applied by the employee.

Overtime Management: Time and attendance solution allows the employee to plan and schedule the overtime. The software tracks the hours worked by employees beyond their regular hours, allowing managers to monitor overtime duration. The software generates reports that provide insights into overtime trends, enabling Managers/HR to make decisions according to received data reports.

Automatic Scheduling of Reports: Time check software has features to schedule attendance reports. It will generate the reports automatically from reports module as per predetermined schedule. It will be beneficial for both employees and HR. The reports can be viewed on the regular basis.

Geo Attendance Tracker: Geo-Attendance tracker tracks the location of employees within specific area. By enabling this in the mobile you can track the real time location of staffs, attendance can be marked easily once the staff reaches the location.

Efficiency: Time and attendance application can significantly reduce the amount of HR teams spend managing time data. By automating the process, HR department can concentrate on other important work.

Integration:  Time and attendance software can be integrated with other HR system like payroll to create more streamlined and efficient HR process. It reduces the administrative tasks and improve accuracy and data integrity across various systems.

Time and attendance software simplifies the work of an HR. Time check software is helpful for HR in terms of tracking employee attendance and leaves accurately. Install Time check software to reduce the work burden of HR. To know more about this effective solution, Book for a Free Demo or Leave us an Enquiry.