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Time & Attendance Software helps Retail Managers boost customer service and reduce labour costs

centralise attendance management system

Time & Attendance Software helps Retail Managers boost customer service and reduce labour costs

Companies in the retail sector are deploying robust attendance management software to track employee work hours and free up their managers as well eliminate errors due to manual record of time. By deploying an automated time management system retail stores can significantly reduce the administrative activities, processing time for salary payments.

In fact, it has become extremely important to ensure employees are fully compliant to company pay rules. To control overspend due to errors associated with manually prepared schedules & to making informed business decisions based on key business insights retailers do centralise attendance management system.

Advantages of Centralised Attendance Data

Web based Time and Attendance Software goes beyond mere time and attendance recording, it gives multiple ways for employees of retail stores to clock in and out, besides enables retail store managers to maintain an accurate record of attendance data with little to no supervision. Admin managers can save a substantial amount of time spent due to working on insufficient staffing, delay in customer service etc as with this attendance software solution they are able to access all stores employee data in real time from the head office.

  • Retailers can install this software on a server at the head office, enable all Time Clocks to upload attendance logs to this server, then each branch manager would have access to it through a web browser.
  • Even if your stores are located in different states, provinces or even countries, then with multi company supportive time & attendance application you can create a separate company for each store and even set different settings for each store
  • Customise the software to manage the province / state that provides overtime after 45 hrs per week and also those state / province that declares overtime only after 48 hrs.
  • Also feasible to create individual users who have limited access to a single store in which they work (such as managers) and users who have access to numerous stores (such as the head office staff).

The best portion of implementing an employee time tracking software is easy to use and gives employees multiple ways to clock in and out, easily manage paid time off (PTO), and easily integrates with any existing payroll service. Staff themselves can securely and easily access and view their own data whenever and wherever they want to and plan their own lives around it.

To implement this ideal time and attendance management software solution and keep track of work hrs, shift management and overtime calculations based on attendance rules configured in the system. contact us for free demo.