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Time & Attendance Tracking Software System Automates HR Process

Time & Attendance Tracking Software System Automates HR Process

Today’s Organization look for automating Time & Attendance tracking of Employee as a whole. With this system, employers can save time, increase employee productivity and reduce labor cost, enables the company to decrease HR burden and empower employees. To obtain accurate records of employee hours worked, early or late (from entry to exit) punches and leave taken, automates human resource time & attendance management.

Advanced features in the system allows HR to add user specific settings where they can assign permissions and working hours for a specific user, map user ID in the attendance terminals, set working hours for half & full day, configure shift details, import attendance data and much more that will reduce overhead cost & save money.

An automated attendance tracking system is more essential today than ever before to prevent employee time theft, view each employee work hrs which are essential to address issues if any and improve regulatory compliance. In addition to the above advantages, it will help HR’s to gain insight into labor costs, control over overtime expenses, make sound workforce decisions and accurately project future labour costs.

Studies reveal that many organizations get a good return on investment due to accurate payroll processing. Especially this automated employee time management software avoids the potential risk of human error and amplifies all benefits at relatively low cost.

If you want your organization to control payroll, maintain accurate reporting, automate your Time & attendance Tacking Software System and reduce overhead, for details contact us.

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