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Time to Re-Think About Automating Your Time and Attendance System

Time to Re-Think About Automating Your Time and Attendance System

Do you find it difficult to collect all the time keeping sheets, manage them and get proper data on employee Time & attendance? The answer to this question is very simple “As times change, we need to change too. For instance, earlier organizations used to do time keeping manually and they also did using punch cards. Today those methods are old-fashioned and current trend is eliminating the inadequate spreadsheet schedules and automating this employee time and attendance with biometric technology. Time and attendance software has much more than it is given credit for.

A recent study undergone states that organizations which made use of automated biometric attendance software has decreased errors, buddy punching as well increased in the utilization of workforce capacity by 11%. To maximize business productivity and eliminate time consuming manual process make a point to bid goodbye to the traditional ways of timekeeping and adopt the new technology available.

With TimeCheck Employee Time tracking software your HR manager no need to spend hours in cross-checking and calculation of payroll instead can set shift rosters, access employee time and attendance data in real time, store and retrieve employee time and attendance data on a single click and make informed decisions

Leverage ANGLER’s TimeCheck time tracking software to simplify your workforce time & attendance management. With this Employee Time Tracking Software you can streamline time &attendance processes and substantially increase workforce productivity, have control over lateness and absenteeism as well manage employee time professionally and efficiently. By deploying customized methods you will be able to help your business in more ways than one. To benefit from a scalable solution contact us

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