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Tracking time and attendance is critical for Organizations to boost Profits

Tracking time and attendance is critical for Organizations to boost Profits

Employee time & attendance tracking software has uses well beyond just monitoring employees shift-in and shift-out. It digitally records their hours to ensure employees are being paid properly, for the hours he or she worked. As the HR manager has employee’s attendance data they could easily prevent scheduling mistakes that lead to discrepancies or rack up overtime.

The application facilitates HR to identify employees arriving late or leaving early and calculate employee wages factoring in various data like sick leave, overtime, comp-off, holiday pay and differentials as per company Policy. Organizations that doesn’t automate attendance tracking software for employee time tracking simply assumes each employees works the allocated hrs a day.

For most companies tracking time and attendance helps cut labour costs and boost their profits. Even though most of them are obvious, we should know the fact that coming into work five minutes late can add up quickly and it would pile up to twenty-one hours per year. The digitally recorded employees time allows you to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on payroll as well as provide supervisors the feasibility to receive email notifications of schedule changes in employee shift, making things easier in terms of planning and keeping commitments.

Custom made time tracking applications with employee dashboards feature and flexible punch methods dramatically improve operations within your company. The level of accuracy in employee payroll can allow your business to improve employee morale. For replacing your paper-based methods with a modern time and attendance system Contact Us.

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