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Value added features of a time and attendance software

Value added features of a time and attendance software

Bygone are the days of card punching & attendance sheets, employee time and attendance tracking has become an easier task with the development of time & attendance software and biometric devices. A lot of time and attendance management software are present in the market, but the product we buy needs to be designed with good understanding of the domain to stand out in the market.

This software helps you to monitor attendance, shift time, leave, permission, overtime & other payroll related activities with ease thus reducing the labour and time generally needed for these tasks and increasing overall productivity. In general time and attendance software should do this in addition should have certain other essential features that can boost up the value of a time and attendance software.

With time and attendance tracking you can enhance the user interaction and make the whole process easier

  • Flexible working hour calculation to avoid constraints on the shift timings of employee.
  • Month Closure and Year Closure features to organize the data thus avoiding discrepancies.
  • Configurable data collection mechanism from various databases including remote locations that is compatible with most biometric devices.
  • User security and privilege settings to disable sensitive employee details, information to be viewed by persons other than the privileged users.
  • Easily generate custom reports like leave, permission, late entry reports etc and export them in any format you need.

TimeCheck is one such enterprise grade, web based time and attendance tracking software in the market. With its gamut of features that covers all facets of employee time and attendance management TimeCheck has always been a value addition to our customer firm.

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