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Why time and attendance software for Banking Sector?

Why time and attendance software for Banking Sector?

Banking sector is one of the few sectors with a large number of employees under its wings. Handling huge amount of employee data manually is definitely a time consuming process and is error prone. This is where implementing appropriate time and attendance software solution fits in. This would assist in not only monitoring employee attendance but also the ability to generate customized reports makes the process easier, reduces time and makes it error free.

If we take a closer look, there are a lot of factors in banking sector to consider before salary calculation like work time, shift time, pay, overtime, allowances, leave eligibility, employee benefit schemes etc. To monitor all these factors and calculating the salary for all the employees across all the branches is made easy through these time and attendance software. Even though the data needs to be collected from various resources, everything can be organized and a single report can be generated which makes the whole process organized. With such software banks can easily track the accurate worked hours of their employees thereby reducing discrepancies in employee working hour calculation resulting in employee satisfaction.

Employees don’t have to wait for the month end to receive the pay slip to check whether their attendance is correct and pay is perfect. They can simply login to their account and can check whether they have met the required hours. Also employees can easily apply for leaves, permissions and also can check their leave eligibility etc in the software, thus reducing the time taken in this process.

Apart from this, streamlining the time and attendance process not only organizes the backend process but also improves employee productivity & satisfaction.

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