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Why Time & Attendance Software is a Must for Educational Institutes?

Why Time & Attendance Software is a Must for Educational Institutes?

An educational system is the place where we cultivate the habit of doing things manually & probably that is why it is one of the few sectors that has complex systems to handle but follows manual paper based process. With the rising standards, the educational institutes are finding it difficult to manage it properly with the age old manual process.

Educational institutes are in a position to deliver a positive image in all possible ways to ensure that the institution is well managed & is safe for children. And with the advent & constant evolution of time and attendance systems, even managing the most complex process like tracking and reporting student′s / staff attendance, managing leave policies, weekly off eligibility and overtime hour calculation has made easy.

How will be a time & attendance software at an educational institute useful?

  • Track, Manage & Report your staff / student attendance seamlessly without having to resort to manual entry process
  • Mapping of leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy with particular Staff / Student
  • Easy import option for importing student & staff data profile into the application without tedious manual data entry
  • Flexibility to define Global Holidays and Restricted Holidays & Effective Leaves & Permissions management
  • Get Instant updates about student & staff daily attendance
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis like late reports, attendance reports and exception reports like late entry, overtime etc
  • Provision to submit leave / permission request through the application & allowing the respective authorities to approve / reject them accordingly.
  • Synchronizing employee attendance, late entry, overtime details with payroll systems.

The usage of time and attendance software has become mandatory these days & the need for accurate time & attendance monitoring is increasing day by day as we have said in this blog already. A time & attendance solution not only helps you to manage the time & attendance process of your institution but also reduces administration & associated costs through automating the hectic manual process.

Combined with our GPS based School Bus tracking solutions, TimeCheck’s time attendance software is a part of a solution that provides the much needed relief to parents regarding their children’s safety concern. Manage time and attendance needs & guarantee the parents their children’s safety with our web based time and attendance software, Contact us today.

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