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Why Time & Attendance Software is Important for Manufacturing Companies?

Why Time & Attendance Software is Important for Manufacturing Companies?

Manufacturing & Engineering companies depends upon overall operational efficiency to gain profits and compete in today’s global marketplace. It is not just the production or sales that determine the efficiency of manufacturing units; they have to face in employee management.

With a large number of employees working in various departments, shifts and the presence of contract labours makes it hard for companies to manage the employees effectively. Manually managing large number of employees, their leave & permission, shifts, contract labours, lunch breaks, payroll etc is definitely a hard-hitting job which consumes a lot of time and resources and also prone to errors. This is where Time and attendance software comes in.

Fully integrated Employee Time Attendance software can help manufacturers in reducing management costs by streamlining employee leave, attendance, shifts etc and increase employee productivity thus increasing overall efficiency of the company.

So why Time and Attendance software is important for Manufacturing industries?

  • Manage Employee Leave and Attendance effectively thus avoiding miscalculation in salaries.
  • Monitor entry, exit, late entry, permission, lunch breaks of employees and increase production
  • Define & monitor organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and also Group multiple companies and manage their organization level hierarchy.
  • Easily allocate regular and temporary shifts for ‘n’ number of employees using shift management features.
  • Shift Pattern and Shift Roaster features to assign shifts for a huge or complex workforce in just a single click.
  • Ability to manage contract labours separately thus avoiding discrepancies in payroll calculation.
  • Year Closure features to carry forward the leave balances to the next year.
  • Integrate with payroll software for impeccable payroll calculation.
  • Extensive level of reports with various filtering options for better insights and analysing employee productivity.

Effective employee management means increase in operational efficiency which in turn leads to increased productivity thus increase in profits for the company. In this fast growing competitive world, many manufacturing units, be it small or large are opting for Time and Attendance software to take care of their employee management related issues.

If you think that the above points match your organizational needs, then it is time to integrate your company with our Employee Time & Attendance management software. We are just a form away, Send us your requirements by filling out the form here, we will get back to you.

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