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Dec - 31 - 2014 time-attendance-software

Any organization that wants to be sustainable must adapt to changes in the market, nurture quality thinking and should remain committed to creating an enhanced customer experience. With aim to lead the competition prevailing in the market, we endeavour to constantly develop new product offerings, enhance existing features and technologies that meet and exceed our clients' dynamic needs.

TimeCheck’s time & attendance software is being enhanced with robust features to enable users enjoy a cutting edge solution. To simplify the time consuming task of tracking employee shifts, TimeCheck has integrated fleximode option in the shift management system where the administrator can set flexible timings either for the whole company or for chosen Individual and perform the task in no minute. This enhancement made in the existing shift scheduling module helped the admin user to calculate the attendance hours based on actual punches made by the chosen employee and not according to company’s default shift timing.

With frequent & potential enhancements being done to TimeCheck Time & attendance solution we have made the product perfect. To save time & to manage any complex shifts of your organization accurately or to automate your Employee time & attendance Solution you can contact us

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