Track Employee Attendance to Reduce Impact on Productivity

Employee productivity is an important factor for business success and entrepreneurs know ensuring productivity in the workplace is challenging. They believe it’s important to have an insight into employee’s attendance as it bringing you closer to your business goals. As work hours has direct impact on productivity using an automated system to track everyone’s attendance contributes to your company’s goals. Studies state that employee salaries forms a major portion of a business owners’ operating expenses, and installing a time and attendance management system can save time & money.

Track Employee absenteeism

In general, employee absenteeism if left uncontrolled leads to a cost about hundreds of dollars per year, for an employee. To overcome such unwanted expenses and have control over such expenses organization, need to track the attendance schedule of employees and ensure that necessary amount of employee is available in each department on a daily basis to meet delivery schedules.

Get yearly attendance report

When time and attendance software is made use of you can get detailed report that shows patterns of Employee Attendance information. This supporting documents helps HR /manager to assess individual attendance compliance during yearly appraisals and take necessary disciplinary action.

Benefits of Employee attendance tracker include

  • Log employee time attendance automatically
  • Detect breaks and idle time if any
  • Centralized reports to access secure data based on privilege
  • Employee compliance assessment to increase disciplinary
  • Easily manage multiple shift patterns without overlaps
  • Link hours and attendance information to payroll software

When time and attendance software is used to monitor employee attendance employers do not have to worry its impact over productivity. Interested to know more about TimeCheck Software then contact us.