Automate employee Leave & Permission management with Time & Attendance

Leave Management is one of the important aspects in HR processes. Although keeping track of employee’s leave is not a difficult task and does not take too much time, approving leaves is a delicate balancing act. HR has to ensure that employees avail their leaves in accordance to the leave policy and ensure the availability of sufficient resources for business continuance, while on the other he/she also has to improve employee satisfaction.

A recent research shows that leave & permission management has a direct impact on business productivity and companies without a time and attendance software overpays their employees and this is where its need is felt. Leave & permission management feature in Time & Attendance Software allows employees to plan their leaves in advance, HR/Management manage leave & permission as well as allows team to smoothly handle employees scheduled tasks.

Below listed are the functions of this leave and permission management feature in TimeCheck

Track leaves: There are various types of leaves like as Casual leave, medical leave, earned leave and loss of pay etc in an organization. Through leave & permission management feature you can easily keep track of employee leaves and thus avoid miscalculation in payment process.

Leave Acceptance: These leave and permission management features enables employee to submit their leave or permission request to any authorized personal like HR/ department manager and he can either approve or reject his leave application based on various eligibility criteria thus making the whole process easy.

Leave Cancellation: Suppose the employees have priority work and decide to cancel his leave application, he/she can cancel or reschedule their applied leave whenever they want before the leave is approved by authorized person. This ensures that the employees don’t have to move around to cancel their leave thereby wasting productive work hours.

Leave Status: This feature gives detail on the number of leaves taken by a particular employee on monthly/yearly basis, the approved status of leave and type of leave request. With a click of a button employee data for the selected period can be imported for real time insight.

In today’s competitive world to avoid time theft and see a significant reduction in labor costs organizations should automate their employee attendance. If you are interested in our product, please visit our features page for more information of our product or request for our product demo to get started.