Advantages of Digital Transformation in HR Attendance Tracking

In today’s time digital tools have become essential for businesses to improve productivity. Speed and efficiency are the key factors that many business processes get automated to make things better. As HR practitioners have hundreds of other responsibilities, for instance to carry out repetitive time process is cumbersome & employers think of deploying a robust system to automate it.

HR attendance tracking can be digitized and automated to manage heaps of data better and derive useful nuggets of information from it. Advanced Attendance Tracking Software works seamlessly with any kind of hardware like biometric devices, smart cards, Face recognition devices & provides complete picture of employee attendance.

Advantages of this HR practice being digitalized include the following:

  • Digital Transformation of HR attendance tracking diminishes manual effort of time keeping and reports employee time & attendance at a very quick pace
  • Enabling employees to access their own information online and reduces their dependence on the HR for any confusion regarding attendance and payroll
  • Salary that gets processed is highly accurate even with flexi shift, cumulative work hours, on duty, limited overtime approvals, roster & various shift pattern in company HR policy
  • Having a centralized system makes easier for managers to track clock-in & clock-outs of their department employee and see to how much time off they have accrued or used
  • Streamlining HR attendance tracking with realistic view of productivity levels show advancements in employee timeliness & also reveals payroll savings

To get above benefits & have intuitive customizations to the software as per your company norms Contact us. We will ease HR’s burden & create a win–win situation for both employer & employee.

Streamline Payroll Process with Automated Time Attendance System

Payroll preparation is an important process followed in every business organization. It should be managed perfectly for accurate and timely processing. Automated Time and Attendance System has options to integrate with existing payroll system and widely contribute to get payroll processing smooth.

Listed are the few benefits of automating your employee Time & Attendance Management System

Automate Time & attendance tracking

Unlike a traditional attendance tracking system, automated time tracking software do not need payroll staff to regularly enter employee data in the payroll system. An Automated Clocking Systems will effectively tracks the employee’s clock in and out and provide you with employee hourly data and adherence level to company regulations more accurately than manual attendance system. To reduce the impact of employee unhappiness and to get rid of inaccuracies and discrepancies in payroll calculations integrate worked hours data seamlessly with payroll applications

Adopt to a Paperless Atmosphere

A paperless atmosphere leads to an absolute result of upgraded technology and can also be very helpful for the smooth payroll process. Paperless environment in payroll management usually means that the employee’s information is maintained in software. Time & Attendance Software is highly lessening the amount of time it needs to provide you the required employee information. With intuitive user interface you can easily manage employee timesheets and see a significant reduction in labor costs.

Pay your employees on time

Payroll is the only service that rewards employees for their services; it makes the employees work with fulfillment. Pay a person on time is one of the very difficult tasks in the context of traditional payroll management, but automated time attendance system support to eliminate the risk in delay of the payroll process and helps payroll department to pay employees on time.

These are the few advantages that you can achieve by installing Automated Time Attendance Software. Are you looking for ways to lessen your payroll preparation time? Then, now it’s the time to automate your Time and Attendance Tracking System. To significantly reduce the time and manage your payroll process accurately and smoothly, please contact us.