Why to have Time & Attendance Management Software for Businesses

It’s time to get upgraded for new technologies. Move the employees shift management and attendance from old register books to the trending TimeCheck software for your business. More than handful of reasons can be pointed out that why to have Time & Attendance Management Software for a business.

Quality, performance and revenue increasing are the major areas that are to be focused naturally as vision & mission in a business especially in the rich market competition. One among the important ways to achieve the vision – mission is to have proper monitoring of the employees time management, attendance against the approved leaves & allocated shifts, labor cost.

Need for the software:

There are many reasons to implement TimeCheck Software for a business. Among them as said previously, the ultimate reason is to improve business productivity and to seamlessly plan & manage employees’ Shifts, Overtime, Leave & Permission.

Features to be seen in the software:

  • Multiple Organizations Attendance
  • Overtime Management
  • On Duty Management
  • Month & Year Closure Feature
  • Holiday Management
  • Discrepancy Management
  • Automatic Scheduling of Reports

ANGLERs’ TimeCheck is enterprise grade web based software compatible with most Biometric and Smartcard terminals. By integrating this Time & Management Software with robust features organizations can prevent buddy punch, human error and related time theft.

No matter what your business category is ANGLER’s TimeCheck Software & biometric attendance system perfectly suits well for all SME’s to large enterprises and provides detailed information in real-time.

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Benefits of Integrating Time & Attendance Management Software with Payroll

Still using the old register books for employee’s attendance and shift time management? Get ready to upgrade now with TimeCheck Software from ANGLER Technologies, India. Though many organizations are now seriously implementing time management software systems, improvements are still needed in those softwares in terms of having latest technology.

Do you Know Biometric Time & Attendance Management System will benefit employers of all business, industry types when integrated with payroll software. Most employers concentrate in managing shift time, overtime, break timings, reporting leave or permissions, on-duty attendance etc to improve business productivity.

Integration of this biometric time & attendance management system with payroll saves time by reducing the burden of reviewing the old attendance books, file rack for overtime reports, keep reminding multiple organizations for reports, leave & permission etc.

Benefits of integrating with Payroll Software:

  • Time & attendance management
  • Shift management
  • Overtime management
  • Leave & permission management
  • Terminal configurations
  • Scheduled reports
  • Multi-company management
  • Complaints / feedback reviews
  • Payroll calculations

Employee Time & Attendance Management Software from TimeCheck has various other specialized features to address the business needs all small to large employee enterprises. No matter what your business category is or business target is, to reduce labour-intensive tasks ANGLER’s TimeCheck Software & biometric attendance system integrated with organization’s Payroll System helps managers to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts.

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