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Configure Custom Attendance Policy to increase productivity & improves profits

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Configure Custom Attendance Policy to increase productivity & improves profits

In an increasingly changing business environment we are all using technology to drive business benefits. Using time & attendance system allows organisations to configure attendance policies and report staff’s attendance data in real time, from varied sources. Even for managing your field service team, you might configure attendance the way you want it, also avail for location-based clock-ins.

Employee attendance reporting being customised in specific to each organisation allows users to instantly analyse staff’s clock in and clock out patterns, exceptions, review of their work schedules, shift coverage and much more. Accurate reporting on each employee attendance gives HR managers, department heads and employers a chance to watch attendance trend insights with respect to business decisions.

Considering today’s work from home options, shifts, flexible time, overtime, paid time off policies, etc., managing time, and cost can be overwhelming for employers, so configuring custom attendance policy is the only way to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities in real time. Inaccurate, records can cost your organization a lot of money and so manage it by investing in a highly reliable and secure attendance management solution accompanied with custom software.

Advantages of Custom Attendance Policy Configuration

  • Department head can Identify the employee who arrives in compliance to work on time, who is absent without proper reporting
  • Field employees can use their smartphone to mark their attendance online with exact time, location, photo, date and notes
  • Automated attendance reporting distributes each employee’s attendance reports to designated supervisors and managers
  • Multiple locations Time and attendance details can be collected from different work sites and integrated into one reporting system

For instance, to drive business benefits Organisations has to implement attendance reporting solution that allows you to manipulate the data and do forecast workloads, prevents costly overstaffing. To gain complete visibility with workforce analytics and reporting mechanisms Contact us.