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Advantages of “Analytical Reports” in TimeCheck Software

Advantages of “Analytical Reports” in TimeCheck Software

For a small sized industry or business, with a minimum employee strength, extracts of analytical reports may not be required by the HR department for its functioning. At the same time, if the strength of the workforce is above 100, various types of analytical /reports, such as employee schedule vs achieved hours, employee count by locations, monthly exit count vs early turnover count, etc. will be required for resource & payroll management.

To keep pace with evolving demands TimeCheck product team has brought in analytical reports for tracking insights on to trends. Employee time and attendance reports have an important role to play and if these are missed to be followed, it would become a critical problem. It is especially so if the organization is part of the production industry and for the production managers and HR managers. The latest improvement in the ANGLER TimeCheck software is the three new reports have been included.

  • Analytical of Employee Monthly Exit Count Vs Early
  • Cumulative Work Week Hours
  • Employee Count by Locations Reports

The analytical reports would be executed and extracted for any required dates and months, based on the shift configuration. Added feature enables department manager to quickly have an overview.

  • Managers can observe records of employees regarding early exists ton shifts, along with counts, against the weekly achieved hours, over the allocated shift hours, for the selected week.
  • Easily update the weekly notice board, regarding the deviated employee details, on week-wise basis.
  • Avoiding/preventing early exits and help to meet weekly scheduled work hours amongst workers.

To know more about this additional feature in the TimeCheck software please contact us.