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Increased Adoption of Biometric Attendance Software by Government Sectors

Attendance Software for Government Organizations

Increased Adoption of Biometric Attendance Software by Government Sectors

The government sector employs a very large pool of employees across the spread of the country. The Government of India is working diligently to make India digitally empowered through many initiatives. In prominence is the ‘Digital India’ Programme. This includes the implementation of the common Biometric Attendance System (BAS) with Adhaar authentication.

The programme is working to maintain attendance records centrally, in real-time, of the employees ( and its implantation is going on but is meeting stiff challenges. Each sector has different challenges in implementing the new process but so far has been giving positive results.

Government Initiative

The government has mandated all government organisations to adhere to Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance (AEBAS). The system initiated by the Prime Minister has been designed to improve punctuality and productivity of government employees. Attendance of employees is authenticated using the Adhaar number generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Biometric Attendance System (BAS) is a cloud-based system that monitors attendance in real-time of government employees, using the AEBAS device for accurate data collection. Let us look at the different sectors that are facing various challenges in implementing the biometric attendance system software.

Education Sector

Education plays a vital role in shaping the youth of our country for tomorrow. Attending school regularly is important as is mandatory and students are also provided with the Adhaar number. Although the government schools have large numbers, here attendance adherence is slack. In this sector comprising of schools, colleges and universities, the problems of recording attendance, buddy punching and errors by software malfunction are real.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing government sectors and of high priority too. Irregularities and absenteeism of doctors and the healthcare staff is hindering the sector in providing quality care to patients round-the-clock. Therefore, implementation of BAS is necessary and challenging here.

Transportation Sector

Implementing the time and attendance system software is crucial in the transportation sector as the services here are time based. Government transportation involves the railways, airports and state-run bus services. Obviously the massive sector faces equally big challenges. The type of devices and software used for authentication of attendance here must offer long life-span and reliability.

Other sectors of the government include police, para-military and defence forces, power utilities, public works, oil and refinery and many more that all require the implementation of AEBAS for improving productivity and efficiency.

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