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Innovative Attendance Management Software that makes HR life’s easier

Innovative Attendance Management Software that makes HR life’s easier

In day to day life, Organization face difficulties in managing time-attendance for multiple departments, Branches, designations etc. Employees feel frustrated to get payroll discrepancies, to increase employee morale HR has to spend time in doing numerous checks before salary disbursement. To make it convenient & easy for tracking automate it with Innovative Employee Attendance Management Software

Employee attendance tracking system with advanced features scales to the growing needs & takes away all the pain associated with manual tracking. As every organization has its own leave policies, leave/ permission /attendance approval methods HR team finds it tedious to handle flexi shift-in policy, worked hrs tracking, shift scheduling, on duty, overtime, com-off & much more during month end.

With automated Time & Attendance Software you can eliminate manual time entries, observe time & attendance trends to make better decisions. As it is recorded through the software in real-time without human interference its fast & reliable.


  • Automatically routes employee leave approval notifications on leave approver’s dashboard
  • Biometric attendance data enhances overall accuracy with regards to Payroll processing
  • Organization having branches at multi-location can fetch employee punches in real-time
  • Get real-time data about who’s clocked in/who ‘s out of your office
  • Role-based privilege ensures only relevant data is delivered to users

Install our Time & attendance tracking software to save your HR working time. For more details on automating various HR tasks Contact us.

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