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Need for Advanced Employee Time Tracking System

Need for Advanced Employee Time Tracking System

Rising threat of time and unauthorized facility access has left many employee-driven organizations to rely on advanced biometric based attendance tracking application that not only prohibits unauthorized individuals from accessing the facility as well provides a comprehensive array of solutions to smoothen eliminates time theft. The system capabilities are diverse and allows employees to log their work hours with accuracy.

To overcome hurdles & manage human resources, organizations need to go one step further and keep track of employees’ work time. By possessing this automated web based accurate time and attendance tracking system organizations can prevent or reduce mistakes, unauthorized use and the intentional falsification of time.

Advanced Features of the application are as follows

  • Track employees unauthorized absences, sick days and annual leave
  • Show up late, leave early or exploit Organization attendance policy
  • Streamline time off requests, com-off, shift changes seamlessly
  • User-based access features to minimize administrative hassles & headaches
  • Collect & manage field force employee’s attendance in real time
  • Intelligent Dashboard Reports help spot any attendance issues
  • Geo Mapping Attendance for sales persons on the move

By leveraging this advanced solution HR manager can automatically sync time tracking data with payroll & thereby save time & money. It allows you to gain valuable business insight with real-time, interactive reports to cut costs and increase the profitability of your business invest in Employee Time Tracking software with advanced features. For more details, Contact Us.

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