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Effective solution for organisations providing WFH attendance management solution

Managing Employee Attendance During Work From Home

Effective solution for organisations providing WFH attendance management solution

Technology has taken giant strides in recent times and now companies use advanced time & attendance monitoring and management software to move forward using a mix of remote and in-office work. The pandemic has created much chaos in the lives of working professionals. Since then, many companies are allowing employees to work from home with Technology and software tools.

Time and attendance management software helps monitor & manage mobile work force. For Remote site employee’s managers need to approve the attendance along with location from where he /she will work. Through Task updation & progress review the employer can capture the total number of working hours completed.

Timesheet Management

Fast-paced tech adoption helps HR managers to track employee work hours automatically from anywhere and sync attendance data with your payroll software, so you don’t have to enter employee work hours manually every day. Just simple messages like ‘in’ and ‘out’, ‘break’ let your team members communicate their availability and hours, with this information HR team can automatically view the approved  timesheets .

PMS Integration

The project management system will enable department heads to give with the daily tasks sheet, he/she can keep on updating the completion status with number of working hours. By accomplishing the daily task assigned within the allocated time, the employee will get his attendance for the day. Further, managers can assign tasks in the morning and the employees can report to the supervisors for sharing the status of deliverables at the end of the day.

This employee wise time & attendance management solution eliminates the challenges faced in managing remote employee’s and WFH employee’s productivity. By centralising & automating the entire process of attendance management HR can effectively manage remote employee attendance besides analyse their performance efficiently.

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