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Work from Home Attendance Solution for Remote Teams

Work from home attendance management solution

Work from Home Attendance Solution for Remote Teams

Before coronavirus, work-at-home was not in practice but now companies have made remote working accustomed to even non IT company employees. To avoid a similar fate in the future, and to resume work smoothly few companies consider offering the work-from-home option to employees, and help them manage both his personal time and official commitments. The tech industry that is well known for its flexible schedules even struggles shortage of talent at times and looks for remote employees.

To help you easily manage your remote employee’s accountability to assigned task & get the productivity Configure WFH policy. Few companies that want to deliver value for clients at the same time keep employee morale high thinks of defining WFH policy to employees. Recent Survey’s state even in Post COVID situation, more employers will let some employees do it some of the time, for this Time & attendance software has enhanced their attendance management software application with the new module wherein employers can decide the allowed days for each category of employees as for leave policies.

Now, even in future to engage employees willing to have work-life balance can apply for WFH and respective approval authorities of the department can review the request from his team member and based on eligibility can either approve or deny. On approval employee attendance will be automatically posted from the hours he/she logged in the Timesheet. WFH, especially gives the privilege to log the hours based on the tasks not specifically on the time.

To know more about WFH option in Timecheck software application or set up timesheet for Project tasks related time management for remote employees contact us.