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An add-on feature in Timecheck Software

An add-on feature in Timecheck Software

Time and attendance tracking is critical for all organizations as it significantly improves the payroll process as well saves time and money. No matter, what’s the size of the company, Timecheck software has features that can help you to quickly review, approve, & address absence requests by managing planned absences that minimize their effect on your company. Integrating this employee time tracking software application helps you reduce buddy punching and avoid overpaying.

TimeCheck application is now facilitated with an add-on feature where user can get known about the non-processed records and root cause for it in detail. This module is designed under reports menu to track the lists of non-processed records. Authorized user can get details on the list of Employees name for whom shift, punch types, terminals not created in Employee master & Terminal master. This reduces the application downtime besides facilitates the responsible person to act up on immediately. By installing this Time and Attendance application you can ensure that employers get real-time visibility into employee hours, their largest expense.

These systems can often lower the frustration levels of not just employees, but managers, payroll staff, human resources professionals and owners as well. It helps you to accurately calculate total worked hourly and automatically applies overtime policies accordingly, and enables you to maintain compliance with company labour laws.

Benefits of the Add-on feature

  • Easily manage non processed records
  • Real time push technology for greater visibility
  • Provide managers and business owners with detailed labour data
  • Easily manage planned absence and minimize their impact on Company

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