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Advantages of “Attendance Regularization Request” in TimeCheck Software

Advantages of “Attendance Regularization Request” in TimeCheck Software

Tracking attendance of employees is paramount for avoiding potential staffing issue. Automation of employee attendance tracking ensures work hours not being abused, makes employee accountable for their time and provides essential data for making business decisions. For managing attendance of huge no of employees smartly just installing a bio-metric devices / face recognition device won’t work, you need to Implement an advanced attendance tracking software that have an accurate graphical depiction of everything related to hours worked and time off etc.

Inline to this requirement ANGLER’s TimeCheck software has diverse features to create reports specific to company’s needs. In recent times we have enhanced the time & attendance tracking system with attendance regularization request module that enables an employee get his month wise / week wise miss out punch data’s, whole day absent dates along with shift in and shift time empty, employee or the supervisor can update the relevant attendance timings and submit as one single request for whole week or months. Later to this, approval authority can pick the same one request for multiple days and approve the regularization request data.

This module enhancement to TimeCheck product ensures accurate and reliable information are available for payroll calculations. Integrating this system with your existing payroll software will eliminate data entry errors and helps ensure employees are paid accurately for their actual work time.

To save time, avoid confusions and to enforce attendance policies an advanced Time & attendance monitoring system is essential. Contact us to today to know more about our time management solution.