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Advantages of “Cumulative Minimum Work Week Hours” in Timecheck Software

Advantages of “Cumulative Minimum Work Week Hours” in Timecheck Software

Business organization compensate employees for the time they spend at work. Employers do require their department head’s to keep track of & record employee working hours for accurate payroll processing. Time check’s attendance management system with cumulative minimum work week hours’ feature equips you to easily collect and record employee’s work time. With this automated web based attendance management system even organization that has various categories of employee can record the time accurately and prevent costly errors.

In a scenario, where each category employees have defined work hours for a week the department head wants to check manually whether each employee has met the total week work hours and need to list out the employees who is not meeting the weekly hours. Actually to overcome the difficultly of extracting the report for every employee and to save time by handling the necessary calculations required we have made improvement to Timecheck software.

The new feature like Minimum Mandatory Cumulative Work Hrs per week and Daily Minimum working Hrs in the employee category module helps organizations to overcome the common inaccurate or inadequate recordkeeping and helps department heads to streamline the time-capturing process. Using this user can define / configure both the values for each employee category and get the respective reports from the application.

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