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Advantages of Self Approval Feature enhancement in Timecheck Software

Advantages of Self Approval Feature enhancement in Timecheck Software

Market research & surveying with marketing partners/distributors, evaluating competitor product is not new in the business arena. Rising demands with specialized features for Automating Time & Attendance Monitoring is taken into consideration and product enrichment is done by our team of web application developers.

Product line extension is done to meet the various needs of different customers. We consistently do expand our product line as a part of our growth strategy so as to increase business revenue/market share. This strategy enables us not only to find an obvious gap besides gain greater customer insights reach new audiences and intrude into previously untapped market niches.

In-line with an aim to reduce administrative tasks and avoid delays in getting approval from superior authorities we incorporated a specialized self-approval feature for privileged employees to post leave, permission, on-duty entries as self-approval. By configuring self-approval feature in Timecheck Software System considers employees leave, on duty, permission requests raised from that particular employee login as directly approved ones. Special provision to add, modify and view is available in Employee Masters.

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