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Benefits of Mobile enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck

Benefits of Mobile enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck

We all know Monitoring the attendance of employees at work has numerous benefits, especially for those organization that has employed field sales. With innovative technologies improvements are being made quite often to the employee attendance tracking software.  Research states organization using an employee attendance tracking app increases efficiency and productivity to a great extent. Capturing attendance of marketing executive is now being enabled in Timecheck software using mobile clock in & clock out feature.

Time and attendance software enables business to track and manage employees’ time from various aspects. This in fact is a boon for field employees to log in their attendance anytime directly through their phone, eliminates falsifying of attendance by a remote employee. Workers in the field can punch in wherever they may be & by using it the managers can track the field sales representatives’ attendance from their mobile app itself.

Further customization done to the software is if any field employee is not going out for their works 3 to 4 days means that time alone the admin / hr / department head can disable the mobility attendance and the marketing staffs will be given provision to log their attendance through the premise biometric devices for certain days alone.

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