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Comprehensive Leave Management with Approval Workflow

Comprehensive Leave Management with Approval Workflow

For any organization leave management is crucial as it directly impacts delivery schedules. During peak time & during crucial project deadline it’s necessary for delivery managers to commit delivery dates only based on resource availability. Leave management module of TimeCheck Software helps organizations to keep track of employee’s leave types and forecast available resources at given point of time before commitment.

Now, In TimeCheck application you can configure different leave policy for different grade of employees besides do better information tracking with Leave Approval Workflow notification data. Organization employee can login and submit their leave request by choosing the required leave type to any authorized personnel who has been given privilege to view the leave request, they can either approve or reject based on various eligibility criteria. In turn, an e-mail with appropriate status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected) will be automatically triggered for all stakeholders in this process.


  • Leave data Accessible at all times & from any location
  • Eliminates errors involved in Paperwork
  • Easily view individual leave summaries
  • Reduce time spent in managing staff attendance

In a nutshell, the detailed summary report generated facilitate authorized user to view whole department’s leave details with various filtering options and ensure availability of sufficient resources. Further, it helps HR to easily calculate the number of leaves taken by a particular employee on monthly / yearly basis, leave frequency etc and seamlessly generate payroll. Organization’s that prefer to automate their leave management can choose TimeCheck Software and save time and money. For more details contact us.