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Dynamic Shift Management Solution Provided for a Manufacturing Industry

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Dynamic Shift Management Solution Provided for a Manufacturing Industry

The changing environment of manufacturing industries demands Companies need to remain agile to keep up with the pace of global market economy. Dynamic shift management solution from TimeCheck helps manufacturing companies to avoid last-minute scheduling delays. With this auto shift scheduler feature manufacturing Industry clients can be prepared for predictive scheduling regulations, this boosts both employee engagement and the bottom line.

Implementing smart and effective shift management based on delivery demands helps any industry on the production side to improve their productivity. Latest improvement we have done to our Time Management Software Application is enabling department heads, Hr Mangers to keep manage shift in attendance for each employee without sticking to any certain shift policy, as almost it will occur on unplanned basis.

Recent updates to this auto shift scheduler module is automatically allocating the shift based on the First shift in punch for certain employee, for each of the other the Hr Managers and HOD’s can  decide and allocate what are all the eligible shifts then the Timecheck software application  will systematically follow the attendance rules and able to mark the Late’s,  Early Exits, Overtime’s  etc.

Now the hassle of keep doing the shift plan preparation, Shift change requests handling and Shift Exchange requests has been removed upto 90%. System will be automatically working on the attendance reporting. Managing of discrepancies alone needs to be handled by HOD and HR. To know more on the various features of this attendance management software contact us.