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Efficiently Handle Overtime Comp-off Management

Efficiently Handle Overtime Comp-off Management

We all know Time management is the key to success and it’s essential to complete tasks or provide services to customers. Time is valuable to every one of us and it’s a special resource and it cannot be stored for later use. Based on the needs and operations of your business you may require your employees to work more than a set number of hours. At some other times, due to insufficient means of production or because of too few employees Overtime becomes an essential factor.

Overtime comp-off is referred to as an essential feature to make the best use of time as time is always limited. A survey states that overtime makes up 5.7 per cent of the gross payroll and mid- to large-size companies are willing to find the “facts” behind the trend by monitoring its efficiency. Whatever may the reason overtime continues to be a problem where excessive or unplanned overtime is actually occurring.

TimeCheck time and attendance management application has a module to facilitate approval authority user to decide the extra hours spent is Overtime or Comp off. Based on the selection provided by the approval authority user, the system calculates the Overtime or Comp off and the appropriate values are updated in the respective status with approval workflow. Using Overtime-Comp off report, the users will be able to know & track the allotted Overtime hour’s details / Comp off leave generated Quota & leave taken details.

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