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Get Insight Reports to Effectively Manage Employee Work Hours

Get Insight Reports to Effectively Manage Employee Work Hours

Employee is an important asset and they are the driving force of any Organization. In today’s competitive world, we need to monitor & manage employee work hours effectively to control labour cost. We have TimeCheck software applications with plethora of features to monitor employee work hours accurately. Time & attendance system is built chiefly to monitor employees shift-in & shift-out time quickly & easily.

By installing TimeCheck software employers can access the reports and monitor down-to-the-minute, detail required to eliminate time theft & maintain labour compliance across the organization including remote locations. Businesses of every kind and size today have to integrate such automated time & attendance monitoring system to avoid spending substantial amounts month on month to manually calculate employee time hours worked. With Timecheck Software you can easily get insight weekly/monthly deviation hours known as it highlights those hours in different color as notification.

TimeCheck gives you the flexibility to configure

  • Category wise work week hours target for each employee
  • Calculate the target Vs actual work week hours
  • Define minimal work hours per day

By analyzing this extensive list of reports with various filtering options hr managers can take timely decisions as well streamline their attendance related problems and enforce disciplinary actions to help improve employee regulatory compliance.