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Prevent Losing Money By Configuring Break Times as Required for Shifts

Prevent Losing Money By Configuring Break Times as Required for Shifts

Consumers always look for a software that is specific to their personal or business needs. Our well defined & mature application is enhanced further to meet the exact needs of the business. We regularly update our time & attendance tracking software product with new features and also as per your company attendance rules.

Recently for a garment manufacturing segment where workers work on multiple shifts, we have customized our attendance software to calculate productive working hours, especially the break hours’ calculation can be done in two ways, one is it can be pre-defined in the shift timing itself and another is the actual break punches kept by the workers.

To suite client’s requirement, we have made a new configuration enabling the break hours to be system considered from respective shift or can be taken manually from break punches. Now due to this feature the admin / HR department can choose to opt between the two options available and make their decision which shift need to be configured for automatic break hrs deduction and which shift need to be configured for manual break hrs deductions.

By using this feature HR / admin team can analyze productivity & based on it they can go with manual break punch hour deducting concept for the shift that is not productive due to employee taking more break hrs. To deploy a custom tailored time and attendance system that has been customized to fit your business need contact us & see how we can prevent losing money from the inaccuracy of time calculation.