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Reduce Human Capital Cost with Comp- off Credit Module

Reduce Human Capital Cost with Comp- off Credit Module

Time and Attendance Tracking Application from Timecheck Software equips you to successfully balance between workforce & cost control, a major thing for businesses to consider as it helps reduce labor costs and improve the bottom line. By utilizing this comp-off credit module employer of an organization can allow his HR managers to spend their great portion of time into various other high-value activities than on low value administrative work.

Previously If compensation eligible employees work extra hours in a shift or does work on a holiday / weekly off day, then the extra worked hours will be loaded directly to the approval authority and there will not be any detail connecting to track the work taken place in that hours. To overcome this constrain & to get things transparent to the employer, Timecheck software has brought-in an additional module wherein the respective employee can raise the comp off application for the date with details of the work done.

In-line with the above updation the application also provides an option to validate each compensation request. The best use of the module is the non-eligible extra worked hours will be denied in the application level itself for the employee by the approval authority. This new feature in the employee attendance tracking software application ultimately increases productivity and eliminates errors. Moreover, staff become more productive and focus on more important tasks associated with their position.

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