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Shift Allowances in TimeCheck Software Saves Organization Cost

Shift Allowances in TimeCheck Software Saves Organization Cost

Many industries having heavy production schedule and will operate around the clock (24/7), will have multiple shifts for employees to work on. Shift Scheduling and Shift Rostering is the most common challenge faced by production managers. Poor shift scheduling on shop floor will increase operating costs, sometimes even employee turnover happens if accuracy of the calculations fails.

Paper based rostering is becoming increasingly inefficient in the modern workplace as its very open to inaccuracies. Generally, Industries that do employee scheduling with automated time and attendance software having shift rostering feature can get their shifts and work schedules just right, by accessing key decision-making criteria which includes staffing requirements to increase efficiency as well work-life balance.

To address overtime payment for these employees TimeCheck has designed shift allowances module wherein HR Manager could review the additional hours that employee worked after the shift and in which shift he worked. Further, it also has specialty feature to eliminate headaches, meet the multiple pay rates of the allowance that varies based on shift worked & hours worked (for 2Hrs, 4Hrs or 6Hrs and over 6Hrs & particular shift).

Implementing TimeCheck employee scheduling software that offers all the features mentioned above can save 70 percent of manager’s time spend dealing with administrative issues. To know more about TimeCheck, reputable time & attendance system please contact us, or leave us an enquiry.