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Simplified Shift allocation solution offered for garment manufacturing Industry client

Automated shift scheduling software

Simplified Shift allocation solution offered for garment manufacturing Industry client

Shift scheduling in call centers, Hotels, Factories, Hospitals are always a real challenging task. Many workers in garment manufacturing and fashion textiles are experiencing extremely long working hours and are often required to do overtime or do double shift understanding the urgency. After lockdown, all textile bodies are putting new practices, technology into place to be competitive and one notable change they did is deploying Time & attendance management software, especially for shift rostering and dealing with unexpected changes in the planned shift.

With large number of workers’ manual shift scheduling weekly took time, besides creating a work schedule that suits both business and workforce can be still more challenging. So to implement consistent shift patterns whenever possible they purchased our Timecheck’s Shift Scheduling Solution that enabled them to maintain a predictable schedule that ended up saving them more than just a chunk of change. This change enabled their HR Manager & Department to keep their employees happy and engaged with their organization, in specific – the employers said they could see the following benefits

  1. Reassign shifts without any hassle
  2. Save Operational cost by 32%
  3. Improve user management and visibility by 35%
  4. Improve productivity and benefits by 26%
  5. Cost of replacing an employee got saved by 16% of their annual salary

Timecheck helped shift-based companies to have necessary manpower on production unit, have a regular schedule, minimize the rate of absenteeism and enable employees to form better professional relationships. By using our Time & attendance software HR is able to schedule shifts of an employee for a whole month, allocate auto shift for certain set of employee who are authorized by HOD’s, also do specific changes like change the already scheduled shift to another shift for a single day.

This shift scheduling flexibility allowed HR’s / supervisors to overcome the headaches over the years and keep tracking of everything that would make the entire process efficient. This easy and effective shift management solution made things easier for everyone. Shift managers can always ensure every shift is staffed by the people with the necessary skills and “roles”.

To embrace time & attendance tracking technology and move beyond outdated paper tables contact us. We can offer you our shift scheduling software solution to manage last minute changes.