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Simplified Shift Scheduling Software for Employees

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Simplified Shift Scheduling Software for Employees

As business grows the complexity with respect to shift scheduling also raises. Using spreadsheets time consuming, error prone and accommodating last-minute changes is time consuming & stressful. TimeCheck software of ANGLER is prebuilt with an ideal feature wherein the shift manager of a Textile Mill or a Garment Manufacturing Unit can effectively manage each of these things and thus foster efficient workforce management.

Now the default pre shift allocation module isn’t enough for clients to accommodate the changing trend. Recently one of our client preferred to customize & have the shift allocation feature of Our Time & attendance software, as Employees were asked to come on different timing on different day based on raw materials availability, power utilization. The challenge here they faced was the HR manager; admin team didn’t have any control on the workers shift time confusions are rising during payroll time. HR manager had to check it, get it verified to avoid discrepancies.

So now, to overcome the time consuming work we incorporated a new feature “Auto shift Scheduler” where Hr can configure multiple time slots for single shift. Now the software will automatically assign the relevant shift (based on shift in time) to all the workers without manual intervention. No doubt, Auto Shift Scheduler not only reduces the work pressure also helps to Spotify the workers deviating from the allocated shift. This improves data Accuracy as well saves time. Since there is no need to verify about workers Shift in Time along with the allocated shifts you can driving productivity, and even ensuring compliance.

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