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Smart Reminders Save Discrepancy Resolving Time

Smart Reminders Save Discrepancy Resolving Time

Time is money, every organization aims to make life easier by automating mundane tasks with technology. Timecheck software application has been recently updated with reminder alerts that proactively alert managers when attention is needed. It helps organisations to easily capture employee daily Attendance, work hrs systematically.

Apart from handling educated employee’s challenges lies in managing unemployed Attendance through the framed System. For this need, recently we have enhanced our application with certain new features that accommodate Industries employing uneducated employees who is not aware of implemented attendance system. Here HR / Admin will get daily remainder when if any employee is missing to do any Shift in / Shift Out Punch. This module will help to conclude on the discrepancy getting raised then & there.

For office staffs, if leaves are not approved then the remainder will be sent to the approval authority for approving the same. This streamlines leave / On duty Approval Process and sends automatic Notifications to relevant stakeholders mapped for particular person & proven to save hours of HR.

In-line to the above feature, now Remainder option is privileged to all login. Based on the Module Rights the Remainders will be enabled to the Users. Now for Admin / HR / Payroll Team, this facilitates to get the Immediate Remainders for closing the Discrepancies and Leave Approvals and complete time saving is getting happened at the time of Month Payroll.
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