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SMS Integration Feature to stay on track to meet their goals

SMS Integration Feature to stay on track to meet their goals

For small businesses and large conglomerates alike, it’s must to ensure that the organization has the human capital it needs to accomplish its goals. With emergence of tablets & mobile devices getting real time notifications as SMS alerts enables HR manager/admin to get information on resource availability status and ensure that the business is operating at its peak.

Timecheck tracker is an automated web-based attendance management application that is used by various industrial sectors for diverse attendance tracking scenarios. HR people are busy with tasks and they need to integrate SMS feature into employee time & attendance tracking software technology for tracking myriad details that are crucial to reduce errors, improve efficiency.

The new SMS module facilitate’s the user with assigned templates for tracking the below mentioned cases. Based on the below metrics, message notification will be triggered to configured persons.

  • Entry / Exit
  • Hours Worked
  • Absenteeism
  • On-duty Tasks
  • Leave / Permissions

By having Automated Timecheck Software at place you can get real-time visibility across employee time and attendance, shift scheduling, leave, permission, on-duty, absence management, and analytics which can help reduce costs and manage compliance, boost employee satisfaction. Organizations leveraging automated time & attendance Management system can easily identify potential risks and take corrective actions before it impacts productivity.

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