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Specialized module to easily resolve employee work hours discrepancy

Specialized module to easily resolve employee work hours discrepancy

Attendance Management System is crucial for organizations to keep track of employee time attendance. By having such system in place organizations both small and large can easily handle any number of employees’ attendance data efficiently. Automation of this process with feature rich Time & Attendance Software will reduce 80- 90% time spent on tracking attendance, managing leaves and addressing discrepancies.

In TimeCheck Software, Discrepancy Management is a great user friendly feature which helps the authorized personnel to know the missing punches (In & Out) in case an employee forgets to bring his swipe card, missed out to mark either his IN or OUT of an employee for a particular day. Major advantage of this discrepancy management module includes option to view & close all the discrepancy entries in single click, reduces the application downtime & facilitates the responsible person to act up on. In addition to the above said functions it also enables the following

  • Authorized user to import the manual time entry details using CSV import.
  • Swipes handling feature to neglect the un-wanted punches or include the required punches to avoid discrepancies
  • Know the non-processed records and root cause for it in detail

To simplify time keeping process and instantly process workforce in-time, out-time and efficient management of shifts leaves & permissions, overtime of your entire workforce install this attendance tracking system. Having this system installed in your company will provide you a unique option to view, assess & resolve discrepancy due to punch error. This Time & attendance management software will serve organization having a distributed architecture setup / having major employee strength etc.

Above all we have expertise in custom configuring the software according to your organization HR policies. Over the years of service we have worked on several projects for diverse vertical customer and have regularized attendance records and increased their overall organizational productivity. To have Get daily attendance reports for individual employees, department wise and locations wise and minimize loss due to employee downtime contact us