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Why a technology company implemented the automated policy based Access Control?

automated policy based Access Control

Why a technology company implemented the automated policy based Access Control?

Businesses and industries all over the world are constantly adapting to meet the challenges that are arising now and then while operating in the world’s fluctuating markets. Security and safety are key factors that management have to address daily and more of them are adopting the digital and software based solutions to overcome issues that affect them, even in the case of human resources.

Large organisations have a sizeable employee workforce and those taking up multiple shifts need to be managed with a time and attendance software that have various modules to cater to the requirements, objectives and the processes of the organisation. Entry for each employee is based on the role of the employee and related to the policy and practice of the company, and based on the levels of security they maintain.

Defining PBAC and ABAC for users or employees to automate it.

Policy based access control (PBAC) also known as Attribute based access control (ABAC) is based on an access control paradigm of the organization where access rights are granted to users or employees, through the use of policies. The system combines attributes together for managing user access to one or many systems and for automation.

Timecheck software, a next generation enterprise grade web & mobile enabled time and attendance management software provides automated access control customized to the company’s policy and business objectives. This was provided to the world’s second largest technology company which Implemented the tailor-made Policy Based Access Control solution to manage their 6000+ employees.

How the company benefited by implementing the Customized solution

Earlier the company had no control in finding the employees who were deviating from the company’s various attendance policies. They needed one system and had to get it integrated with their applications for auto understanding the employee shift allocation and to create controls in the Access Control system.

The company an electronics appliance manufacturer had more than 6,000 employees on multiple shifts. It was difficult to maintain the company policy of restricting the employees to work within the various time limits like Weekly, Monthly Work Hours Limit & Month, Qtr Overtime Limits as per both the combination of Organization & Government Norms. So the company needed this automated solution to monitor and streamline the employee work deviation problem. The IT Manager involved needed a solution to work closely with the Access Control Application and enable the full-fledged control system of allowing and restricting the employees into the premises.

Timecheck is packed with advanced features to automate and rollout Organization Policy and reduce administrative burdens. The software is developed innovatively along with Web API service of access control with custom & special features for TimeCheck application.

To know more about this module in the Timecheck web-based software, please contact us, or leave us an enquiry.