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Time & Attendance Solution empowered Facility Management Organizations effectiveness

Time & Attendance Solution empowered Facility Management Organizations effectiveness

Computing employee work hours is the most prevalent method in recent years to calculate the correct wages for the employees. Facility Management Organization providing essential and sustainable facilities management solutions to its clients had a challenge to address their client need of monitoring the attendance of deployed resources.

Business Specific Attendance Monitoring Solutions

Timecheck software recently had an opportunity to serve this facility management services client’s (FMs) specific need. We provided remote Time and Attendance management solution to save the time spent on tedious administrative tasks that also met their end client’s requirement of monitoring the leave & shift in time & shift out time of deployed human resources especially escort servicing resources. Our system helped both the Facility Management Service provider client to.

Enabled end client’s monitor employee attendance

Time & attendance solution helped Facility Management Organization to integrate the Organization Hierarchy of their customers. Three separate logins were generated by us, two logins were provided to their customers, one for client’s internal attendance management process. Now FMS organizations end customer is able to login to the Timecheck system and monitor the following:

  • On daily basis what is the Total resource counts need to be deployed in the customer sites will be declared by client and what is the actual deployment done against the request will be clearly monitored in the Dashboard
  • Besides, monitor the attendance of deployed employees across their sites and even they can able to approve / reject the leaves specifically for escort servicing resources.
  • Individual employees can now follow-up with their authorities to approve individual’s permissions, leave(s) & On duty requests.

Further, we made time and attendance information easily accessible to the clients of the Facility Management Service organization. This Centralized attendance monitoring software from timecheck allowed clients to visualize attendance reports from all offices & maximize potential revenue.

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