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Time Check’s Canteen Management System

Time Check’s Canteen Management System

Need for Canteen Management Solution

Many organizations have staff canteens where meals are provided for the staff in general. The canteen is intended for the benefits of the company employee and managing it has never been an easy task. Managing staff canteen is an added burden in a busy working environment. To mange this easily, TimeCheck offers Canteen Management Solution with key features programmed entirely for your requirements. By using this function the employee can place the order for Breakfast, Lunch & dinner at the regular intervals by pressing the respective function key.

Canteen Management System from TIMECHECK

TimeCheck has introduced a new customization feature to configure employee food planning. It can be made use of by schools, colleges, large and small organization canteens for daily & monthly food planning purpose. It facilitates canteen manager to take the daily food planning report, after verifying all the logs are downloaded & the time is closed. Usage of this Canteen Management Software allows user to track food consumption of each employee over a period of time, prevents wastage of food and eliminates errors in accounting.

By integrating this function on to the company’s existing biometrics canteen manager can get Instant information & provide a fast and efficient service. By just integrating shift details along with breakfast, lunch and dinner timings different types of reports can be taken with respect to employee food consumption and with respect to daily sales by the canteen.

Benefits of Using Canteen Management Software

  • Helps in advance planning
  • Reduces Administrative works
  • Saves time & improves employee
  • Reduces Wastage of food items
  • Provides a fast and efficient service
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The system helps canteen manager to provide paperless transaction, get required provisions in advance and also verify the food consumed by the entire organization employee over a month.