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TimeCheck Configuration Enables Multiple Operations

TimeCheck Configuration Enables Multiple Operations

We could see businesses having different time-and-attendance system needs. One major Challenges they all prefer to overcome is the unnecessary expenditures caused due to incorrect time & attendance record maintenance. In fact, keeping track of all of this information for each employee can be a daunting assignment but deploying automated Time and Attendance monitoring software you can automate the most complex pay rules of workforce, as well capture staff’s entire data by accessing employee time sheet.

TimeCheck has best solution to cater each of this business types. TimeCheck is an employee time and attendance Management Software having Special operation modes to automate any distinct requirements of Organisation. By integrating this system you can significantly reduce time taken to manually extract data besides easily have a view on labor data including salaried, hourly, and contingent workers.

Following are few Special Features

Free Scan Operation Modes to track shift In, shift out punches. It facilitates user to choose the operation modes either free scan or Function key.
Function Key Operation Modes Using Function Key mode user can map & track appropriate punch types for the assigned function. Key T&A Events are Lunch Out, Lunch In, On Duty Out, On Duty In.

Flexi Mode Option

TimeCheck facilitates to set flexible shift timings either for the whole company or for an Individual employee, so that the time and attendance data calculated based on flexi shift timings assigned to the employee. The worked hours can be calculated based on the difference between the out & in punches made by the employee respectively. With most comprehensive time-tracking options Hr manager can efficiently analyze employee working patterns and approve accurate time for payroll processing. To know more details contact us