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TimeCheck Releases General Monthly Attendance Report

TimeCheck Releases General Monthly Attendance Report

Managing multitude of activities and resources carefully is essential for successful functioning of any Organization. To achieve these Organizations employees need to maintain a satisfactory record of attendance, for this need TimeCheck releases General Monthly Attendance Report.

Compiling employee attendance report is key to know your employees total working hours including the status, over time and the deviation time. TimeCheck is an enterprise grade web based Time & Attendance Monitoring Software that has many Key features & extensive modules to record employee /staff attendance data and get control over wages, shift schedules and many more.

Employee attendance is mandatory for obtaining optimal productivity and outstanding customer service. Today, we could see many large & midsized organizations automating their attendance process. All organization will look forward to keep record of employees report to work on time and get them displayed for the day or for any specified period in List view and Chart view for seamless Payroll calculation.

TimeCheck attendance report enables HR manager / Admin user to view the monthly attendance data (First in Punch time & Last out punch time) for a whole month in a user friendly manner. By implementing this software you can automate the process & generate the following Graphical Attendance reports.

  • Attendance Data -First In time & last out time
  • Overtime data – Week day – OT, Holiday- OT & Weekly Off- OT
  • Exception details- Late entry & Early exit
  • Finally – “ Sum of defined Work hours”, “ Sum of actual worked hours “ “Sum of Overtime hours”

This detailed report facilitates Admin / HR manager to know individual employees attendance data & exception data like Excess / Discrepancy hours with the comments such as early exit, missing punch, Less hours worked in single snap shot.

Further reports can be linked from all branches; it means data is centralized for the access and easy management.

Benefits of Monthly Attendance Report

  • Reduce time for Payroll calculation
  • View attendance percentage
  • Save cost by eliminating time theft
  • Improved accessibility to reports

To track attendance from anywhere anytime and get customized reports based on your business requirements contacts us.