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Timecheck Software Enhanced with Raw Data Report Feature

Timecheck Software Enhanced with Raw Data Report Feature

Processing real time attendance data with attendance tracking software will helps Organizations to save time & money. Timecheck software from ANGLER provides wide range of features to track keep track of the employee’s attendance based on various events like shift, late, overtime, permission, holiday working and on duty.

Raw data, also known as primary data, is data collected from a source on demand for analysis. Recently our software is enhanced with raw data tracking feature, this facilitates the admin users to get a specific report called RAW DATA Report with which they can analyze and report about the employee punches whose data is not processed by the application.

By viewing this report employer can keep track of the activities of the employees. It will capture employee attendance data in real time, from varied sources (Biometric, Face Recognition devices) and help the respective authority in charge to process all the raw data punches and reflect it in the Timecheck Application.

Our attendance management software will intelligent reporting feature will assist the user to make the data to be processed on case to case. Raw data report Supports User in following ways

  • If admin has not allocated the employee shifts for one Department.
  • In case, If the newly joined employee account is not created in the software
  • In case of a new device being installed without configuration in the TimeCheck software
  • All required punch types created in the device (Break Out, Break In) may be missed to in the TimeCheck software configuration.

Now the users of admin and Hr Department can get all required raw data for further Processing To know more about this software application features Contact Us.