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Timecheck Software Served a Government Entity with job card integrated attendance

employee job card attendance monitoring app

Timecheck Software Served a Government Entity with job card integrated attendance

Timecheck Software having worked with numerous clients on their employee attendance tracking technology has recently joined hands with a Government entity to meet up both general and specific requirements with respect to employee attendance tracking. Actually by following obsolete employee attendance monitoring methods they had to deal with frustrated employees, payroll errors and certain other hassles they were keen to arrest.

But now having implemented our Time & attendance management software with custom features & attendance policies they could easily & effortlessly manage the attendance of overall 4000 Plus employees. This advanced solution enabled HR Managers to manage multiple shift patterns & set various shift rules for each employee category. Everything including rotation & fixed shifts, flexi shifts assigned to each employee in different departments were captured and work hrs report against each project task is captured & paid in accordance with the rules that apply.

Further to it, our solution also helped the human resource management department to

  • Enforce their policy & thereby balance employee absences correctly to improve operational efficiencies
  • Centralize attendance data & plan module wise user access configuration to meet operational needs & eliminate manual headaches.
  • Monitor employee attendance / performance by visualizing total work hrs utilized against in hand (allotted Hrs) for each particular job/ task completion through job card punch done
  • Automate Incentive receivable eligibility for employees, on task completed earlier to the allocation hrs specified in the job card
  • This Job card in and job card out will allow managers/ supervisors to know about work progressed during that day and help them to more closely look into timely completion of the assigned job.

Obviously, this is a simple way to indicate the number of hours worked by a given employee. Today by Integrating project wise job card against the regular attendance monitoring solution they could get a tighter control of the hours that employees work and exclusively measure their productivity on a day for a particular task.

Benefits of Job card Integrated Attendance Management

  • Saves operational cost by 36%
  • Improve user management and visibility by 38%
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 26%
  • Reduces stress, saves time and improves accuracy
  • Measure task progress in line to particular project that day
  • Receive insights into employee productivity helps handle operations efficiently
  • Company policy allotment and reports

Interested to check out its custom features that will save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations.