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TimeCheck Software upgraded with My Calendar Module

TimeCheck Software upgraded with My Calendar Module

We all are quite familiar on the term “software upgrade”, in general it’s a new version of your software, denoting a significant change or improvement over your current version. We being a software product development company follow agile methodology and iterative approach to enhance the features of the product. Our comprehensive solution helps our clients to mitigate the risks of essential changes in business dynamics and improve operational efficiency.

Having known the marketplace requirement, we came-up with a solution “My Calendar Module” where individual employees consolidated shift allocation & not allocated report screen can be viewed. This recent improvisation in our TimeCheck time & attendance tracking software has tremendously equipped individual users to better access their attendance information and gain information about their Present, Absent, Holiday, Daily Worked Hours, Daily Exception Hours for the selected period (month) in a user friendly manner.

The calendar is designed with user experience in mind, it chiefly addresses things especially related to transparency. Individual user can easily view his exception data, Week off, Absent, Holiday for any date across any preferred duration easily. It’s a great time saving concept for employee information tracking, this improvement avoids the multiple reports viewing by the individual users.

In this environment of extreme competition, we will continue upgrading our product, adopt to market changes and thereby meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses. If you want the best time and attendance software system for your business then you can contact us.