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Time & Attendance Solutions for the fast growing Middle East Market

Time & Attendance Solutions for the fast growing Middle East Market

TimeCheck, Time & Attendance Solutions is being introduced at  GITEX 2010 Trade Show, Dubai (17 – 21 October 2010) to cater to the demands for time & attendance requirements for one of the largest time & attendance markets, namely the Middle East and GCC region.

Security is vital for the growth of any organization. In these belt-tightening times, many organizations are gearing up for efficient ways to improve their employee productivity. An organization’s ability to learn from experience and translate ideas into action is key to sustaining competitive advantage. As new exploits are constantly being discovered, large amounts are being spent on acquiring the latest security products. For a secured working environment, everything should be guarded by the security systems in the organization. Tracking the time and attendance of the employees working for the company can be a difficult task for any organization. If you want to track your employee time and attendance, then you’re most likely lumbered down with an old mechanical punch clock, hand-written time sheets or even an out-dated and unwieldy Excel Spreadsheet. Well times have changed.

TimeCheck is enterprise grade web-based software for processing time recorded using any Industry standard Smartcard or Biometric terminals across the organization, including remote locations over the intranet or Internet. With TimeCheck’s configuration ability to fit your organization’s business rules, it helps managers take timely decisions in running their operations by simplifying time-consuming routine of processing their employees’ attendance data, against the allocated shifts and approved leaves to arrive at normal time and overtime.

TimeCheck also ensures on-time payment of salaries, when integrated with payroll software. It protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers limiting supervisors or managers with access to only their relevant information as per the organization hierarchy.

The high demand for our Time & Attendance Software in the Middle East Market is a strong indicator that this reliable e-commerce application will be very well received. We wish to thank our clients and partners for their continued support and co-operation.