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Utilize On Duty Management of TimeCheck to Avoid Time Theft

Utilize On Duty Management of TimeCheck to Avoid Time Theft

Every Organization’s should pay attention to employee productivity and assist them to remain focused and find more efficient ways to complete tasks. The expression “time is money” indicates employees’ time is significant for businesses and having a to do timesheet will help to manage it with great care. As violation of time affects scheduling, project management, overhead rate calculation etc tightening these by integrating automated systems is a best way to save time as well money.

TimeCheck is a Time & Attendance Management Software designed in a user friendly manner to reduce labor-intensive works like attendance monitoring, on duty management, shift time tracking, leave management, payroll processing etc. Especially On Duty Management module in this attendance management system allows organization for the planning and recording of employee on duties. This module keeps track of the on duty reports and facilitates employers to monitor inaccuracies in employee time recording and avoids time theft.


  • It will assist employees to login and submit their On Duty request to and the authorized person can view the request & approve or reject the request based on the eligibility
  • Option to choose whether on duty dates include Holiday & Weekly off or not, based on the selection the system will give appropriate values for calculation.
  • If it is a single day visit, the user can choose timings to avail on duty.
  • The System has option to map Reporting to person & sanctioning authority to trigger them an email with status as Pending, Forwarded & approved.
  • The system would facilitate HR Manager / Authorized user to view the On duty report based on the privileges assigned with various filtering options for better information tracking.

This On Duty Management module adds value to your organization by letting you to verify Timesheet approvals vital for monitoring confirmation of hours spent, charges made for the hours spent, during holidays /week ends, overall compliance with the company policies. Interested to know more Contact us.