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We pride serving Top listed Fortune Global Company automating their employee’s Attendance Management

employee Time & Attendance System

We pride serving Top listed Fortune Global Company automating their employee’s Attendance Management

Timecheck software being pioneers in providing attendance tracking software solutions have worked with various types of organizations that are unique in their needs. Our customized solutions have brought the company policy into place, besides made life easier for everyone. This custom build T&A software solution from Timecheck integrates with most biometric & smartcard terminals and even with touchless face recognition, access control, Iris devices to automate workflows and save your precious time and money.

Owning a Customized Employee Time & Attendance Software has many advantages when implemented in a corporate company with huge no of employees. Our Timecheck team having heard the corporate client’s problem of difficulty to handle their HR policy for different scenario for about 15,000 + employees, we came up with a solution that meet all their demands.

We understood that ordinary access control & time entry module alone not enough. So to meetup with their needs we provided them our employee time tracking software, customized with value added modules to meet up their demands.

  • Region wise statutory attendance and leave register
  • Handle Punch not done continuously for 7 days in a week
  • Automatically Lock “shift in” if Weekly Overtime exceeded the defined Hrs
  • Quarterly OT Lock options were configured as per policy
  • This advanced Time & Attendance Monitoring Software enabled them to do a complete monitoring of any deviation from the timing scheduled for every individual employee in the Gate & Plant.
  • Handle every complexity they have defined in the policy to meet up industrial regulatory compliance, by triggering alert messages and blocking the employee automatically whenever they are getting deviated from factory norms.

Employee attendance tracker is crucial for every business that wants to track employee hours and manage pay. It doesn’t mean you’re spying on them on the other hand it’s an effective software application that help organizations better plan employee shifts, Paid leaves, Unpaid leaves, Sick leaves etc. By making attendance management digital you could enhance your organizations over-all productivity, even if your employees are geographically dispersed.

No matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in, based on your requirements, we can provide customized solution that enable manage all your employee time & attendance. Contact us or leave us a message, we will call you.